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pittsburgh acne treatmentAn acne chemical peel may be appropriate when over-the-counter acne skin care products and prescription acne preparations such as Accutane are not effective in reducing, controlling, or eliminating an individual’s acne. Acne can be unsightly and uncomfortable, and severe acne can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem. Chemical peel treatments performed to address acne problems include several different types of acne chemical peels and acne scar peel procedures.

What Is an Acne Chemical Peel?

When topical acne medications do not provide satisfactory results, a clearer, healthy-looking complexion is possible with a chemical peel for acne or acne scars. An acne chemical peel applies a chemical solution to the skin. The solution causes the skin to blister and peel over a period of several days. As the treated skin comes off, fresh new skin replaces it. This exfoliation caused by the acne skin peel eliminates or reduces the appearance of acne blemishes and scars.

The best candidates for acne chemical peel treatments are people with superficial acne or acne scars. Individuals with severe or very active acne may not be good candidates for acne chemical peels. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not good candidates for a chemical peel to treat acne.

At FeelNu Medical Spa and Wellness Center we commonly use Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or stronger alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peels. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) peel is especially helpful in treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. It encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear of cellular debris. In this way, it reduces the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin.

The Procedure

An acne chemical peel consists of applying a chemical solution to the skin and then gently removing it after 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your individual skin and your reaction to the treatment. We are monitoring the procedure to ensure your acne peel is safe and effective.

About Side Effects

Following the acne chemical peel treatment, your skin will be red and sensitive and may flake for a few days. Your skin will begin to clear up after that, but repeated treatments may be necessary. Avoid direct sunlight and use a sun block at all times because your skin will be extremely sensitive to UVA rays.

Long-Term Results

The long-term results of acne chemical peel treatments are generally good. Chemical peel treatments for acne are continued with at-home preparations to maintain the unblemished appearance of the skin. The acne or scars may need to be treated again eventually to maintain the effect.


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