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About Sermorelin

Sermorelin is a safe bio identical hormone that helps stimulate natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland. Sermorelin should not be confused with HGH. It is not simply HGH by a different name, but something entirely different. Consequently known as a growth hormone secretagogue, Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland into producing and secreting HGH naturally and safely.

Benefit of stimulating HGH production with Sermorelin therapy

Throughout the aging process, our bodies change and we develop certain deficiencies that occur due to life changes and genetics. We develop various chronic or persistent symptoms that we put off to “old age” when in fact these conditions are a direct result of hormone levels declining. One of the main hormones in our body is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) produced by pituitary gland – indeed it is often called the ‘master hormone’ because of the vital role that it plays and the fact that its positive effects can be felt throughout the whole of the body.

Research has conclusively shown that HGH secretion drops off significantly as we age. This can contribute to weight gain, reduced muscle mass, reduced bone mineral content, loss of libido, insomnia, and mental changes in how we view our wellness. Additionally when these metabolic changes occur we increase our risk for heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and others, which are common causes of death. These changes in HGH-deficient patients mimic aging. By stimulating production of HGH, we mimic more youthful hormone patterns. These help us avoid other dysfunctions with our thyroid, adrenal glands and reproductive system.

In short, the stimulation of HGH with Sermorelin therapy helps patients to maintain a healthy body composition. Hence avoiding many diseases commonly associated with aging. Sermorelin helps to maintain a youthful anatomy, it also helps to maintain youthful physiology – in other words Sermorelin helps to keep both the structures of your body and the biological and chemical processes that go on in your body youthful.

Aside from stimulating HGH production, research indicates that Sermorelin may also have a direct effect on the brain when it comes to promoting non-REM slow wave sleep (or deep sleep) which plays a vital role in our overall well being.

How does Sermorelin work?

The way Sermorelin works is one of its main advantages. It specifically binds to the cells that produce and release HGH. Once bound, Sermorelin initiates its action in exactly the same way as naturally occurring growth hormone releasing hormone. This results in the production and release of HGH. In other words, Sermorelin effectively mimics the body’s natural processes that lead to an increase in HGH levels.

Why prescribe Sermorelin instead of HGH?

In the USA HCG prescription comes in strictly limited circumstances to treat very specific medical conditions. While the law prohibits off-label use of HGH. HGH supplementation requires handle with extreme care and control since significant health issues directly associated with being overexposed to HCG can occur. Additionally, it boasts the ability to build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. HGH has a fairly long history as a physical performance enhancer. Even though there is some controversy over this point, HGH is a banned substance across many sporting codes. As a result it has been the subject of a number of high profile sporting downfalls.

On other hand, Sermorelin produces the same benefits as HGH such as reduced subcutaneous fat, increased muscle mass and increased stamina but it does so without producing any of the problems that we’ve outlined above that can occur when dealing with HGH alone. In particular, safety concerns over being exposed to too much HGH are minimized with Sermorelin. The effects of Sermorelin are regulated by the release of the hormone somatostatin which works to ensure that Sermorelin does not lead to overproduction of HGH. Therefore, because of these regulating factors, the safety concerns associated the HGH overdosing become minimized or completely avoided when using Sermorelin. In fact, Sermorelin has an excellent safety profile.

Why not just use over the counter HGH secretagogues?

Supervised by physician Sermorelin injection therapy shows superior anti-aging results. However you may be aware that other HGH secretagogues come available for purchase over the counter. Over the counter products are not the same as Sermorelin, they are usually amino acids such as L-dopa, L-Arginine, and L-glutamine. They have a general effect on brain activity and as they do not work through any specific receptors on the pituitary gland, their effects are intermittent and unreliable. Comparatively, Sermorelin comes specifically designed to bind with the receptors of the pituitary gland that produce HGH. Add to this the fact that high doses of amino acids can produce kidney problems and you can easily see why such products rank inferior to Sermorelin.

Our Sermorelin therapy – eligibility and use

Eligibility for the Sermorelin therapy is established only at a face-to-face medical appointment with physician. Phone consultations will not substitute for face-to-face visits for this program. Initial medical tests will also need conducted prior to use. Main contraindications to begin treatment include malignancies, benign intercranial hypertension and proliferative retinopathy. Your physician will review with you the protocol and dosage. Sermorelin injections require nightly self administration before bed in the sub-cutaneous tissue. Do not worry – your physician will discuss all details. In addition, the injections are painless and extremely easy to self administer. The cycles of the therapy need determined by a physician as well. Tests need conducted every other cycle while on the Sermorelin.

If you want all the positive health promoting benefits of lifting your HGH levels without the possible health risks and you do not have any contraindications, Sermorelin is unquestionably for you. Sermorelin boasts an excellent safety profile and without any loss of potency over time. So not only does Sermorelin help you to lose subcutaneous fat, increase stamina and metabolism and build lean muscle, it can also provide amazing rejuvenating effects. Please contact us at MGR with any questions. And find out how we can help you one of the most advanced anti aging therapies available.