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The Classic New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss


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One of the many things we love about the holidays is food. We enjoy seasonal treats and lavish meals throughout the month of December, and sometimes we start earlier. All of that indulgence, when combined with the New Year’s Resolution tradition, can lead to a strong desire to lose some weight.


We also know that these resolutions often don’t last; people start out with good intentions and efforts, only to let it slide when life gets busy. This does not necessarily reflect badly on anyone. Some of the most common ways to lose weight—diet plans, calorie counting, cutting out foods, extreme exercise programs—are set up for failure over the long term because people cannot keep them up realistically.  


It is a struggle that a large percent of Americans know all too well. However, it is possible to find the right method for losing weight and keeping it off. It takes determination, realistic goals, time, and help from a medical professional.


Fad diets and exercise programs that you simply cannot keep up over the long term are sometimes as unhealthy as the excess weight that your doctor has determined is a problem for you. Every person’s body works differently, and that is something that those diets and plans don’t address. Working with a medical professional to lose weight allows you to get plans that are tailored to your needs. A doctor can assess your physical condition and get details specific to your condition that allow you to better understand what causes your weight gain, and how to combat that in the future.


At Medical Group Robinson, we don’t do diets. We’re not concerned with the thinner you. We focus on a healthier you. We offer individualized plans for long-term, healthy weight management. If you’re committed to making a real, healthy life change, we can help. Call us and ask us how.