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The Basics of Chemical Peels

You’ve probably heard of chemical peels and you may have even considered getting one. If you haven’t, there is plenty to know about this procedure to help you decide if it is the right course for your skin. Chemical peels can potentially cure or improve a wide variety of skin issues.

The Process

A chemical peel is a process in which a chemical solution is placed on the skin—commonly the face—and the skin then reacts by peeling. First, the skin is cleansed. Then, the acidic solution is applied to the area. The most basic description of the result is that it’s like inflicting a mild wound that is then peeled to let new skin grow. Once the skin is peeled and the underlying layer heals, a new, healthy top layer is formed.

Chemical peels are not meant to treat significant aging signs, such as excess skin and large wrinkles, or fat and collagen-related issues. This procedure best treats:

  • Sun damage.
  • Age spots and dark areas.
  • Fine lines and mild wrinkles.
  • Light scarring.
  • Some acne.

The Results


Chemical peels are most often applied to the face and neck, but they may also be applied to the hands. People with very fair skin generally experience better results. A chemical peel can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

There is a burning sensation associated with the procedure that lasts a few minutes. Some people need light medication to help with the burning or stinging, depending upon the nature of the peel. However, many patients find that the pain is not unbearable, and well worth the results. The skin may be sensitive afterward and require care according to the doctor’s instructions.

The results can be amazing, but a chemical peel is not for everyone. Discuss the possibility of a chemical peel with a doctor. Call us at FeelNu Medi Spa, and we’ll tell you anything you need to know about the procedure, and whether it’s right for you.

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The Basics of Microdermabrasion

Among the options for skin rejuvenation is microdermabrasion. This method involves using a rough grain to polish the skin’s surface. There are many ways to go about this treatment; at home you can accomplish a gentle version of this using creams, cleansers, and special at-home kits. Salons and dermatological clinics also have their methods for this. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective, regular treatment to help keep your skin clear and healthy.

microdermabrasion pittsburgh

What it Does

Over time, our outer layer of skin changes. Skin cells die, new cells form, and our skin accumulates things from our environment. Microdermabrasion focuses on buffing only the outermost layers of skin to help break up and remove dead cells, and other elements to reveal the new, healthy skin beneath. In doing this, the tool, be it an at-home cleanser or professional instrument, stimulates the skin to heal with new cells. The process may cause some redness or irritation.

The Benefits

Overall, the benefit of this procedure is clear, rejuvenated skin. New skin cells are more smooth. This treatment can remove blemishes such as pimples, fine lines, dry and flaking skin, and more. It is particularly useful for cleaning out pores, and is a potential replacement for some acne treatments which are too strong for patients with sensitive skin.

Because the outer layer of skin is clear, moisturizers and other treatment creams can be more effective because they are not blocked. The treatment should always include a moisturizer afterward since moisture is removed from the skin in the process. It is possible that regular treatments could benefit the future of your skin; some studies show that the skin could adjust its growth patterns over time, healing with newer skin, faster.

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, we can help you at Inverness Dermatology and Laser. We offer microdermabrasion and much more. Call us and let’s discuss your needs and the best way to meet them.

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Peptides, HGH, and Healthy Growth


In the fitness industry, many people talk about peptides to build muscle and burn fat better. How many of us really know precisely what peptides are, however? Peptides are amino acid compounds. Generally, our bodies need amino acids and peptides to be completely healthy, but as our diets and lifestyles change, and as we age, the amount we use changes.

How They Work

Peptides work in a variety of ways for our bodies. Some of them affect our bodies’ responses to changes in physical activity and diet. If you don’t get enough of the right amino acids, you will have a lower amount of human growth hormone (HGH). For athletes who want to gain weight via increased muscle mass, this could be problematic. That is where additional peptides come in. They stimulate HGH to help muscle growth and weight gain, which is useful for more than those interested in fitness.

Why They’re Beneficial

For fitness enthusiasts, peptides help amino acid absorption; they allow your cells to take in the amino acids much faster. If your basic intake has been reduced due to age or diet changes, then the peptides may help your body produce more HGH, which may then improve results of all your hard exercise.

Peptide supplements are common for people concerned with fitness, but many others find them generally advantageous. Peptides are easier to digest than some proteins because they are smaller. They are also more stable for your body because they are bonded amino acids. These supplements come in various forms, including pills and powders, that make them easy to digest and absorb.

At FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center, we understand how important it is to stay active and healthy. Whether you want a weight loss plan, help growing muscle, anti-aging treatment, or dermatological treatments, we work with you to find what you need at an affordable price. Call us to find out how we can help you.

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Tumescent Liposuction

Most of us have some general idea of what liposuction entails. However, what is tumescent liposuction?

First of all, “tumescent” is a term that means “swollen.” It usually refers to something that has swollen and become firm. Thus, tumescent lipo involves making the skin and fat firmer during the procedure. But, what does swelling have to do with liposuction?

The Procedure

This procedure involves injecting a very diluted lidocaine solution and epinephrine as a local anesthetic under the skin. With this injection, the injection into the fat below the skin makes the area swell and become firmer. What this achieves, overall, is an anesthetic that prevents the need for stronger sedation and pain preventative, such as an IV drip. This method is verifiably safer and less painful for the patients. It also aids in reducing the healing time required after the procedure.

The Benefits

The lidocaine is a pain killer, and the epinephrine is adrenalin that helps prevent excessive bleeding. Together, these solutions make the overall process of liposuction easier and safer. The anesthesia prevents the need for heavy sedation, which carries risks of its own.

As bleeding during and after lipo is a significant concern, the epinephrine addition constricts the capillaries, which helps prevent bleeding after surgery and, again, means further risk prevention. It may also prevent additional bruising post-procedure.

Overall, the tumescent liposuction procedure is an advancement from previous forms of anesthesia during liposuction. With less pain, sedation, and blood loss than standard processes, and a history free of significant complications, it is the route to take if you are considering liposuction. At FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center, we offer safe liposuction, as well as other cosmetic and wellness procedures. If you’re thinking of undergoing lipo, call us today and let us help you achieve your body goals.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy restores thinning hair


FeelNu’s Platelet Rich Plasma procedure uses your body to stimulate hair growth

I’m not going to lie, aging gracefully is hard. I’m turning 49 this summer and I have been trying to stay on top of my anti-aging regime. But when I started to notice that I could see more of my scalp, I thought that my options would be a daily Minoxidil foam or an expensive transplant to regrow my hair. That’s when Dr. Vinarski talked to me about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) procedure is done in her office and takes your own blood, extracts the plasma-rich platelets and injects them back into your scalp. The procedure was extremely exciting to me because it uses your body’s way to heal and restore hair follicles without the use of any drugs.

Here’s how it works: Dr. V. draws blood and places it in a centrifuge. After about 10 minutes the platelets are collected and placed within the instrument. It’s like a pen with several small needles that move rapidly over your head, kind of like a tattoo gun.

There is some discomfort, but nothing that I couldn’t handle and well worth the results that I received. After a few months, I could start to feel short growth throughout my scalp, similar to crewcut. It was pretty exciting and I made my husband and all of my friends feel my head!

For the best results, it usually takes up to five treatments, though some people will see growth within the first few. The sessions are spaced out at three months intervals. I have had two treatments and I’m going back for my third soon.

Call Dr. Vinarski for a consult to see if you are a candidate for the PRP procedure.


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Options Against Acne

We all have acne, but some of us struggle with it more than others. If you feel as though you have tried everything to help your skin heal and prevent breakouts, but to no avail, it may be time to consider other treatments.

Most common acne can be treated with over-the-counter medication. However, medical professionals do offer alternate, more powerful treatments to those for whom creams and face washes simply don’t help:acne-treatment-Pittsburgh-PA

Broad Band Light (BBL): This treatment, in many cases, offers an alternative to standard acne solutions. BBL uses light, specifically a blue light filter, to penetrate p-acnes bacteria that are responsible
for acne growth. It reduces the bacteria, the skin oils, and pore size. It also aids skin regeneration.

Acne Chemical Peel: Chemical peels involves applying acids to the skin which exfoliate the outer layers of skin with chemicals. This process promotes regeneration and helps prevent pores from clogging. There are some side effects, such as redness and sun-sensitive skin, so you should discuss the option with the doctor, first. For some, however, this treatment, when combined with a regular cleansing regimen, is well worth it.

Stronger/Prescription Skin Products: There are also stronger acne medications available in the form of facewash and creams, both with and without a prescription. Before trying any of these, you will want to consult a professional. The Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. line, for example, is a system of cleansers and lotions that are noted for the strength of their ingredients. These cleansers have a higher level of benzoyl peroxide to help with acne bacteria through regular treatment.

There are plenty of options available to treat your acne. If you feel like acne is getting the better of your skin and standard, over-the-counter medications aren’t helping, seek out some other, stronger options with the help of a professional.

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Less Invasive than Lipo: ThermiTight

If you are considering liposuction, it may feel like an intimidating decision. The procedure can be expensive and recovery can be painful. However, there are options that are less invasive and drastic than standard liposuction. ThermiTight is one of these options.

ThermiTight is a state-of-the-art, non-surgical procedure in which the skin is tightened and toned from beneath using a small probe. The probe delivers energy, a radio frequency, beneath the skin. The doctor carefully monitors the heat produced by the treatment as it safely tightens, resulting in a smoother, more toned area. This technology is particularly useful for improving facial, abdominal, and thigh areas, but can be applied in most areas of the body.
Woman showing her cellulite

One of the most attractive features of this procedure is its gentleness. The skin can be rejuvenated with little to no discomfort, or significant time to heal. Patients can generally resume activities within a couple of days, possibly even less, and merely wear comfortable clothing during that time. The potential side effects are few and mild. It is also a quick procedure; you may be able to address problem areas such as your face or neck in an hour or so.

ThermiTight is sometimes combined with liposuction to help shape areas of the body. Though the technique shrinks subcutaneous fat, the adding some fat transfer from liposuction can help sculpt the body further. Together, the procedures allow you to have your body gently shaped and tightened for an upcoming occasion, such as swimsuit season, without the pain and healing time. And, the results appear completely natural.

Though the procedure is non-surgical, it should be performed by a medical professional who can help you determine if it’s the best course for you. With minimal risks, little to no discomfort, and a very brief healing period, it is worth asking a doctor about ThermiTight today.

Contact us at the FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center

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New IV Infusions Will Energize You at FeelNu!

IV Infusions: The new pick-me-up for busy people

By Jeanette Holko

I’m a working mom that’s been traveling extensively for work, and I’ve been feeling run-down, achy, and a bit cranky. Alexis at FeelNu Medical Clinic in Robinson Township suggested that I talk to Dr. Irina Vinarski about what she called a miracle pick-me-up, the Intravenous Infusion. The IV Infusion, commonly referred to as the “Myers Cocktail” named after the Baltimore doctor that invented it, John Myers. Used for everything from Fibromyalgia to depression, it combines a high dose of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium Gluconate, B vitamins, and fluids that provide energy, helps lessen colds, muscle aches, and pains. It’s also helpful in fighting infection and fatigue.

We all live crazy lives and have difficulty getting enough vitamins in our diet. The infusion, along with IV fluids, hydrates your body by bypassing digestion to get essential nutrients to cells and replenish vitamins. It’s a great kick-start!

Dr. Vinarski told me that the procedure is quick, and it can be done in a lunch hour, so I decided to take her up on the offer.

First they start with one bag of IV fluids to flush and hydrate your body. I was told that most people feel the urge to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t feel this until after the procedure. The first bag takes 20 to 25 minutes; then the second IV bag is administered. This one contains the “cocktail” of vitamins. It’s a smaller bag, so it drained fairly quickly in 10 to 15 minutes.

About five minutes into the vitamin IV, I experienced a warm rush in my cheeks and chest along with a general sense of well-being. I left the office invigorated and for the next few days felt rested and happier.

Dr. V told me that it’s also a good treatment for your complexion. I woke up the next day and the under-eye darkness was gone along with the deep-set circles and puffiness. I looked younger and for that reason alone, the infusion was worth it!

Other benefits to IV Infusions:
Increased immune system
Less susceptibility to viral illnesses
Emotional boost
Reduced allergy and asthma symptoms
Less aches and pains

Infusions can be administered once a week and patients say they experience the most benefits after four treatments. Patients with chronic issues choose to continue the treatments when they feel their energy waning.

The treatment will usually run you about $150. FeelNu Medical Clinic is offering the procedure for only $100 for a limited time. So make a protein shake, skip lunch and go back to the office refreshed! Call 412-490-2500 and book an appointment today!


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What is Andropause and How Does It Affect Men?


While women are known for going through menopause and a wide array of hormonal symptoms, men go through their own change as well. Andropause, as it’s called, is typically referred to as the male version of menopause. It occurs when men experience declining hormone levels as they age.

The change in hormones has the largest impact on testosterone and cortisol levels. When andropause occurs, males may experience a series of symptoms ranging from hair loss to sleep apnea, Fatigue, irritability, night sweats and muscle loss are also possible during andropause.

However, andropause is treatable through hormone replacement therapy. This is typically done with bio-identical hormones that restore balance within the body. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT, as it’s known in the medical world) is safe and effective.

The FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center is one of many resources that men can turn to for hormonal treatment. We only use bio-identical hormones – no bio-similar or synthetic hormones – to treat our patients. Our physicians are trained to design BHRT programs to accommodate each patient and his specific needs.

That being said, your medical history and existing condition still need to be evaluated by our experts before continuing with any procedures. Contact the FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center today to find out of BHRT is right for you.

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3 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions and Weight Loss Goals

scale, weight loss, weight

Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions thus far? If you made a commitment to shed pounds in 2016, you may have already discovered that it’s more difficult than you thought. That being said, there’s no reason why you need to give up just yet. Here are three recommendations for sticking to your weight-shedding resolution for the New Year.

1. Consult the Experts.
Experts at the FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center specialize in helping clients lose unwanted weight. They can also ensure that you are tackling your resolution in a safe, healthy manner.

2. Remember Why You Made the Resolution.
Did you want to feel better when you look in the mirror? Perhaps you wanted to just live a healthier lifestyle. Whatever your reason for making the resolution was, keep it in mind moving forward. This will ensure that you stay motivated in the coming months.

3. Log Your Progress.
Another way to keep you motivated is to log your progress along the way. Keeping a food diary or exercise log can show you how much positive change you’ve already made. In the end, you’ll feel better about moving forward with your resolution.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or begin living a healthier life, contact us today. We can help you get started on the right track toward weight loss and success.

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