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PRP Facelift

best face lift pittsburghPRP facelift procedures combine the benefits of the hyaluronic acid filler and growth factors derived from stem cells. This combination uses your own blood to improve and smooth out wrinkles. In addition, a PRP facelift stimulates collagen production, as well as improves your overall complexion. First, we obtain blood from you, place it in a special centrifuge and separate plasma from platelets.

Platelets are tiny cell fragments in the blood that contain growth factors that encourage cell growth. They provide you with building blocks for healing of any wounds in you body.

These growth factors are called unipotent stem cells because when activated and placed in the skin they give growth to new younger looking skin. This procedure is absolutely unique and safe and carries no risk at all. PRP injects along with facial filler such as Juvederm or Restylane , significantly enhancing the effects of filler. In addition igniting tissue regeneration, hence stimulating collagen. The effects of procedure last 2 years. Other uses of PRP facelift procedures could be joint injection, scar treatment and hair regrowth. Consequently this procedure has minimal or virtually no downtime, possible mild swelling or bruising.