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If you have excessive or unwanted hair, you’re not alone. Laser hair removal remains the #1 cosmetic laser procedure performed in the United States. Many of our clients request this service and have enjoyed the wax-free, tweezers-free results. Because laser hair reduction is safe and relatively painless, it’s quickly becoming one of our most requested services. Underarms, facial hair, bikini, legs, back and other body part areas are easily eliminated using the latest in laser hair reduction technologies.

The Procedure

At FeelNu Medical Spa and Wellness Center we are using the top of the line laser system with high speed hand piece that allows for extremely fast laser hair removal without pain. It can be customized to handle large areas, such as a back or chest, in just minutes. It can also contour around ankles, knees and other smaller areas without any trouble.

Treatment Sessions

You will notice a significant reduction right away. However, it will take 2 to 4 weeks for all of the treated hair to push its way to the surface and fall out. You will need between five and six follow-up treatments to adequately rid yourself of unwanted hair. A follow-up appointment is scheduled 4 to 8 weeks after each laser hair removal treatment, and for successful results, it’s critical to maintain these follow-up treatments. After that, many clients can discontinue the treatments with only periodic touch-ups. However, it is important to understand that results vary. The effectiveness depends on hair type, stress levels, certain medications and different hormone levels. Keeping in mind some individuals will require fewer treatments and some will require more treatments depending on the results desired.

What to Expect

Most clients can tolerate the slight prickly or stinging sensation without any difficulty. However we do also use a cooling system to cool the area and decrease your discomfort if necessary. Your skin will redden in the treated area, but this subsides within up to a few hours, and returns to normal. Laser hair removal is not invasive, so you can simply re-apply your make-up, and continue your normal daily activities following your office visit.

One Last Thing

Since the laser attracts to the pigment in the hair follicle, light hair color (red, very blonde, white or gray) will not always have enough pigment for successful results with the laser. If this applies to you, we may test a spot to see if your hair responds to the laser. If you are not a candidate for laser hair removal, we will advise some other treatment options.

Call FeelNu today and we will answer any questions about the Laser Hair Removal procedure. Our experienced staff will provide you with full guidance on what to expect before, during, and after your treatment.