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ReShape gastric balloon is a newer kind of weight loss procedure. A saline filled double chamber gastric balloon made out of silicone is placed in the patient’s stomach. This balloon insertion subsequently makes the patient feel full all the time and helps diminish caloric intake. Therefore ReShape passively alters a patient’s diet by decreasing the sense of hunger and cravings.


The Procedure

The procedure is minimally invasive, and quite simple technically. It takes 5 to 7 minutes to place the balloon in the stomach under endoscopy , which supervises the proper position of the balloon. First of all patients will undergo conscious sedation, like at the dentist. Side effects are minimal although patients may feel nauseated and experience some abdominal cramping post insertion. ReShape balloons will stay in place for a 6 month time frame. Over the course of this 6 months patients will commit to diet and exercise. In addition, patients will see a weight loss specialist on a regular basis. After 6 months the balloon is removed in the same minimally invasive way.


Post Procedure

In the following 6 months the patient’s stomach will remain smaller in size resulting in continued appetite suppression. Patients will continue to see a weight loss specialist post ReShape removal. The dual chamber ReShape balloon adds an incredible new option for weight loss for motivated individuals who tried and failed to loose 20 to 70 pounds. If you keep on fighting the same 20 to 70 pounds the ReShape balloon is a good option for you due to documented consistency. It is FDA approved and getting more and more popular around the world. ReShape has minimal side effects. Most of all patients experience no malabsorption and no long term effects like with actual bariatric surgery. Finally take control over your body like you have always dreamed about. Reshape gastric balloon allows you to improve the quality of your life without the downtime of surgery.