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Weight Loss Program

After losing 100 pounds on Dr. Vinarski’s program, I have more energy to play with my kids. Losing weight has decreased my back pain and I am much more physically active now. I feel happier and younger.
James F., Pittsburgh, PA
I lost 30 pounds on Dr. Vinarski’s program. With losing weight my recurring hot flashes are gone without any use of medications. I feel less depressed and like myself again.
Debbie B., Inperial, PA
I lost 40 pounds on Dr. Vinarski’s weight loss program. I am more social and confident. I’m dating again after 15 years. I am finally at a comfortable weight and Dr Vinarski taught me how to keep it off. It has changed my life style.
Cathy D., Steubenville, OH
I saw Dr. Vinarski ad in a magazine and called right away. I thought Dr. Vinarski was perfect for the job of helping me to lose weight and lower my blood pressure. I also have a family history of diabetes. I lost 40 pounds in 5 months on Dr. Vinarski’s program. It put me back in control of my life. My sugar is down and I am no longer at risk of diabetes. My blood pressure is under control. The weight loss food products I used on the program were delicious and made it easy to achieve my goal. I loved them. Thanks Dr. Vinarski and staff.
Kathy N., Moon Twp, PA
I heard about the high protein, low carb diet from a friend while out of town in Maryland. I found out that this is the kind of diet that Dr. Vinarski is doing. Honestly, this is the best quick start diet that I have every succeeded at. I have lost 46 pounds in 6 months. It has helped me to feel better and my health improved quickly. It gives me all the motivations to continue. I am happy and healthy again.
Terri G., Pittsburgh, PaP.S. Dr Vinarski and her staff are amazing and supportive.

Dr. Vinarski is wonderful. I have been a patient of hers’ for years. After gaining weight, I was considered obese. During one of my visits, Dr. Vinarski told me that in order to improve my health I need to lose weight. I started her weight loss program and I lost 25 pounds. I feel really comfortable with Dr. Vinarski’s program. It really works. To me, it was quite a learning experience. Now I have a much better outlook on life.
Pam W., Mckees Rocks, PA
I have been a diabetic for 10 years. On Dr. Vinarski’s weight loss program, I was able to lose 100 pounds. Consequently, I changed my diet and no longer had to use insulin. I feel excellent.
John G., North Hills, PA
Food was my biggest addiction for many years. Thanks to Dr. Vinarski‘s well structured program, I was able to overcome my old habits. I have become a new person that eats well, exercises a lot, and feels great. Thanks a lot Dr. Vinarski.
Barbra C., Kennedy Twp, PA
Dr Vinarski program has been much easier for me than any other program. I’ve tried Jenny Craig, Weight watchers, and even Nutrisystem. This program uses different weight loss tools including appetite suppressants. I no longer have cravings for unhealthy food. At the age of 58, I feel young again.
Susan O., South Park, PA
I love Dr. Vinarski and her staff. They are so friendly and well prepared. Dr. Vinarski isn’t just a weight loss specialist, she treats the whole body. I feel like a totally different person. I feel healthy, I eat better, and I am more aware of what I am putting into my body. Dr. Vinarski is not just my doctor; she is also my life style advisor. I trust her 100 percent. As a result I lost 48 pounds and I have been able to keep it off. I still have a while to go, but I know that I can reach my goal thanks to Dr. Vinarski’s help.
Gail F., Moon Twp, PA

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Anti-Aging Therapies

After I stop having periods I used to cry every day. I could not sleep. I started on Bio Identical Hormones Replacement program. All I had to do was apply cream on my arms which was so simple and effective. Now I sleep like a baby and no longer feel anxious.
Natasha R., Cranberry Twp, PA
I was feeling tired and I was gaining weight and had low libido (no sexual desire). When I went to Dr. Vinarski, she diagnosed me with testosterone deficiency. I started testosterone replacement therapy. I feel like I am 30 years old again and all my symptoms went away.
Charles O., Pittsburgh, PA
At the age of 45, I began having a lot of hot flashes. I could no longer sleep at night and was constantly anxious and irritable. It seemed like I could no longer manage my life. I felt afraid to take regular hormone replacement therapy because of my family’s history of breast cancer. Dr. Vinarski presented the option of using bio identical hormones. Now, after using them,I feel great and all of my symptoms went away. I had not experienced any side effects. Thank you Dr. Vinarski.
Stacy K., Weirton, WV

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Medical Aesthetics

I was spending thousands of dollars on all different creams with no success. After one injection of Botox, I looked 10 years younger.
Jennifer B., Carneige, PA
My face always looked very tired. People use to ask me if I was having trouble sleeping. After one Botox injection, people are now asking me if I just got back from vacation.
Jessica P., Robinson Twp, PA
After smoking for 20 years I had smoker lines. With one injection of dermal filler they were gone. It was painless and very effective.
Michelle G., Mckees Rocks, PA
All my life I had thin lips. I always dreamed of them being fuller. With one injection of Dermal Fillers, which was fast and painless, I now have plump full lips. My dreams have come true.
Ashley M., West Mifflin, PA

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Vein Treatments

I am so pleased with my results of my vein treatments. It was quick and effective, I was able to resume with my normal activities immediately. After 20 years I am able to feel confident wearing shorts again.
Debbie V., McDonald, PA
I was so amazed the vein treatment transformed my skin over my bulging veins to smooth and attractive skin.
Lisa P., Oakdale, PA
My legs were so sore and my veins were bulging and I could not stand to look at them. I am so happy with the results that I wear skirts every special occasion.
Joyce K., Midway, PA

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