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Thermitight vs Standard Liposuction


Since liposuction was invented, it has been the primary surgical method for reducing the amount of fat in a person’s body. Its applications have been both cosmetic and medical, and it continues to be a viable option for qualifying patients. Yet, as time and surgical procedures progress, medical professionals and inventors continue to search for alternate ways to accomplish the same goals. This is because standard liposuction, though helpful for many, is a very invasive procedure that requires significant healing time, and everyone—doctors and patients alike—would choose something better given the opportunity.

Thermitight is just such an option. It is a far less intrusive procedure that many doctors believe to be more precise. Rather than penetrating the body with a large and invasive tool and removing fat or tissue, Thermitight uses energy via a small tool under the skin—with only local anesthesia—to shrink fat cells and tighten skin. The areas commonly targeted with this technique are the same as those for which patients choose liposuction.

In addition to less invasiveness, there are several reasons why Thermitight may be the better option:

Improved Precision: Thermitight works through carefully controlled temperature. This allows the physician to more precisely target the area of fat and skin, and have much more control over more areas. It also significantly reduces the chances of injury.

Less Healing Time: This procedure leaves no noticeable scars and is not generally considered painful; it only requires a local anesthetic, and side effects are mild and rare. It also does not require much time to heal, as opposed to liposuction, which is a major surgical procedure that carries the potential for infections and a lot of downtime post-surgery.

At FeelNu Medi Spa and Wellness Center, we can perform this procedure and have you up and running again within a day. If you’re considering liposuction, but would like to know more about a far less invasive option that may work just as well, if not better, then call us and talk to us about Thermitight.