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Endovenous Therapy In The Pittsburgh, PA AreaIn the past people suffering from varicose veins had only one option for treatment, a painful procedure still performed today which involves surgical tying and stripping of the diseased veins. This surgery entails undergoing general anesthesia, making an incision in the groin, and tying off and cutting the diseased vein; the affected vein is then stripped out of the leg through an incision at the knee. Problem cured, but with side effects including tissue trauma, scarring or possible nerve damage not to mention the inherent risks of general anesthesia and post surgical infection. The recovery for this surgery is painful, and long, requiring prescription painkillers, and taking up to one week of bed rest and one week of restricted movement to heal.

With recent advances in technology to treat vein disease there is now a better choice for varicose vein sufferers called EVLT® (EndoVenous Laser Treatment). An innovative non-surgical procedure, EVLT® uses laser vein treatments to seal the problem vein safely and effectively, thus eliminating the problem at its source.
Our EVLT® Treatments Deliver Results, Comfort, and Convenience

How is this possible? Unlike surgical stripping, EVLT® permanently closes off the vein without removing it. The physician uses a diode laser delivered by a pencil tip-size fiber-optic probe through a freckle-sized nick in the skin. The probe is guided into place using ultrasound. The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic that is similar to what dentists use to numb an area being treated.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes. The patient is able to walk out of the office with no post-operative scarring and recover over a matter of hours or days using over-the-counter pain relievers to minimize minor discomfort.

Not all patients suffering from venous diseases will be suitable candidates for EVLT® treatment. During your initial consultation at MGR’s FeelNu Medical Spa and Wellness Center our physician can determine which type of treatment is best for you.

The Procedure

With the EVLT procedure, a board-certified physician applies a local anesthetic to an area on the skin. Then, a small incision is made and a thin catheter is inserted into the vein. With ultrasound assistance, the catheter is guided up the great saphenous vein. The tissue around the vein is infiltrated with a diluted local anesthetic before the laser energy is applied. Then, the inside of the vein becomes heated, and the heat seals the vein closed. With the vein closed, other healthy veins re-route blood and the vein dissolves.

Now What?

You can then return to your usual activities with minimal discomfort. You may feel a slight “pulling” sensation along the treated vein for a few days. For best results, we do recommend wearing compression stockings during the day for the first week following treatment. The non-invasive laser procedure is proven up to 98% effective, with rare cases of reoccurrence.

Other Treatments

Please explore the information about our vein therapy for men and women. Then feel free to contact us at MGR and its FeelNu Medical Spa with any questions. And to find out how we can help through conservative methods and beyond on an individual basis.  Learn for yourself what millions of men and women are already aware of – take back control of your health! You are as young as you feel.

FeelNu offers a wide array of vein treatments including: