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Treatment begins with non-invasive evaluation essential for making a correct diagnosis and for determining vein treatment options. In the past, surgeons would only remove the veins that they could see on the surface of the skin. They did not have the benefits of current evaluation techniques and were unable to completely evaluate the cause of the patient’s varicose vein problems. In essence, what the surgeons were doing is making educated guesses as to the underlying problem. Because they did not have the ability to completely evaluate the patients with current techniques available, they had a significant failure rate within the first 2 years of surgery.

Duplex Ultrasound

Duplex ultrasound allows for visualization of veins and their venous flow assessment, along with determination of the status of the deep, superficial, and perforator veins. Therefore it allows us to look through the tissue and get a real time evaluation of the vein problems with each patient. Most of all, the evaluation is 100% pain free. In addition, we can even look at the direction of the flow of blood within the veins. In essence, veins in which the blood is not flowing back toward the heart are considered incompetent.


Photoplethysmography assists us in the complete evaluation of your veins and allows determining the venous refill time (VRT), with and without inflatable cuffs, to discern the individual contribution of superficial and deep vein insufficiency.

At MGR’s FeelNu Medical Spa and Wellness Center we are committed to remaining the Pittsburgh regional leader in Vein Care. In addition to the expert clinical services and advanced physician training offered, we have an experienced team to perform the non-invasive evaluations which will dictate which therapeutic vein care options are most appropriate for our patients.

Other Treatments

Please explore the information about our vein therapy for men and women. Then feel free to contact us at MGR and its FeelNu Medical Spa with any questions. And to find out how we can help through conservative methods and beyond on an individual basis.  Finally learn for yourself what millions of men and women are already aware of – take back control of your health! You are as young as you feel.

Furthermore FeelNu offers a wide array of vein treatments including: