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pittsburgh weight loss products


At FeelNu we offer the highest quality, most effective weight loss products available. These scientifically formulated meal replacements and nutritional supplements fit custom designed “high protein, low calorie and carb” meal plans.



Therefore they are integral and important part of our comprehensive weight management program and provide patients with high quality (medical grade) lean protein on a daily basis.

All meal replacements and nutritional supplements (weight loss products) are locally sourced or are among world’s best. Furthermore they come “hand-picked” by us after comprehensive research. Most products available only for medical professionals and therefore can be used only within physician-supervised weight loss programs.

Incredible Weight Loss Products

FeelNu offers a wide variety of great tasting and healthy entrees, snacks, and drinks for our patients as a convenient way to make good choices.  Hence our healthy products can fit into any lifestyle. Our products work to make your gains bigger and losses greater. And of course they taste and look delicious. Our own medical staff enthusiastically use them in their everyday life.

Please make yourself familiar with some examples shown below (much wider variety of food products available for your choice in the office).


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